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China-Special provide train tickets booking service

Please mail to us about your origin, destination cities and the date you want to book, our e-mail address is China-Special will query real-time tickets information for you by regular channel(recently China train routes changed a lot). At the meantime, we will give you some useful advice.

Booking steps:

1. Sending your origin city, destination city and the date to
*We suggested you that sending detailed information such as your itinerary, number of people(adults and children). We could give you more exact purchase services.
2. China-Special will query real-time information of train number and time. And we will give you more suggestion and advice according to you itinerary.
3. Confirm the train number and the date, pay for your tickets on the internet.(Please also provide your real name and Passport number)
*We also provide itinerary arrangement and hotel reservation services.
4. Successfully buy your tickets.

Get the ticket:

1.Collect the ticket by myself

Show your passport and E-ticket number at the ticket window, and then you can get paper tickets. you will receive an email for more helpful notes of getting tickets after pay.
No extra cost if you get the ticket at the departure railway station. Extra cost of RMB5 (each ticket) will be asked for at other rail stations or train ticket agencies.

2.Sent to my hotel in China

(Only for those booking more than 8 days in advance)

If your booking is less than 8 days before the travel date, please collect your paper tickets at any ticket window of any railway station with your passport and the E-ticket number we sent you by email.

3.To a personal address in China.(Only for those booking more than 8 days in advance)

service charge:

6 US Dollars for each tickets.
Mailing fee 20 US Dollars.

Notes for Collect the tickets:

Note for China Train E-Ticket Booking:
You need carry your passport and the E-Ticket Confirmation Number to print out the Paper Ticket(Boarding Card) in the train station or any train ticket office in China before you can aboard the train.

1.Chinese people travel during Chinese public holidays, weekends, Spring Festival (January to early March), and summer vacation (end of June to early September). To ensure a smooth trip, you are advised to pick up your ticket at least one day before departure if you are traveling during these holidays. If you have to collect it the day of departure, you’d better get to the station as early as possible (2 – 3 hours before departure time).
2.If you decide to collect at railway station before departure, make sure you go to the right station. Many cities have more than one station, so read the information on the confirmation letter carefully.
3.Required documents: your original passport and ticket pickup number. We suggest that you print out the confirmation letter sent by your booking agency in advance. Each passenger’s passport is required if you are collecting for a group. You can print the address of railway station and transportation information in both Chinese and English. Remember to check if the number of tickets, train number and time are correct.
4. If you have booked multi-trip tickets, you are advised to collect all of them at the first city. A service fee of CNY5 per ticket for the train ride depart from other cities is charged. The service fee is not included in the booking agency’s service charge and should be paid in cash on spot. For example, if you have booked three tickets of Beijing West–Xian, Xian–Shanghai, and Shanghai–Guilin, you can collect them in Beijing city and the service fee levied by the station will be CNY10.
5. Some stations have installed self-service ticket machine, but a ticket can be obtained by passengers with their PRC 2nd generation ID card. Foreign passengers please do not queue at these machines.
6. Here are some useful Chinese expressions:
• Hi, please take me to Beijing West Railway Station. 你好,请带我去北京西站 (show to the taxi driver).
• Hi, I would like to pick up my ticket. 你好,我要取票.
• This is the ticket pickup number and my passport. 这是订单号和我的护照.
• Thank you very much! Goodbye! 谢谢,再见!

Endorse or refund the tickets

Train Ticket Change and Cancellation Policy:
1. Cancellation Condition: Before the departure date and you did Not print the paper ticket, you can request to change or cancel the train ticket, the cancellation fee is 20%~30% of total fare cost.
2. On the departure date or after that date, the train ticket can Not be refunded.
3. If you already printed the paper ticket, the train ticket can Not be refunded nor changed by us. (in this case, you need carry the paper ticket and passport to ask for refund or change in the train station counter before the departure date.)

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