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China Train Types

Chinese trains are divided according to their speed into various classes, identified with different letters and numbers. The letters refer to different classes:

 G – High-Speed Electric Multiple Units (EMU) Train

This is the fastest running for long distance in China, the top speed of which could reach 350km/h. Currently, the G-train could finish the 1,068-kilometers Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway in 3 hours, the 301-kilometers Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Railway in 73 minutes and the 458-kilometers Zhengzhou-Xian High-Speed Railway in 2 hours.

 Special Notice:

The luggage racks in carriages are too small for large or super size luggage. There are special closets for large luggage at one end of a carriage, but the space is limited. It is suggested that tourists go to the railway stations earlier to have your oversized or super size luggage consigned, and pick up it when you arrive at your destination. Please read Baggage Allowance for detailed information.

 C – Intercity EMU

This is also the fastest kind, but runs for short travel distance between two nearby cities, such as the 120-kilomter's Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway.

 D – Electric Multiple Units (EMU)

This type is also called Hexiehao (和谐号, Harmony) or bullet trains in China. The designed top speed is 250km/h. They have been widely used for serving fast and frequent transport between main cities, such as Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Suzhou and Shenzhen-Guangzhou.

 Note: By the Spring Festival of 2014 (January 30th), power is available on all air-conditioned trains (Z, T, K). Passengers are able to recharge their smart phones, notebooks, tablet PC, and eletric razor in the carriage. High-power electrical appliances, such as induction cooker and electric cooker, are not accepted.

 Z – Direct Express

This type with a top speed of 160km/h is also an efficient transport for long-distance travel. Generally, they run directly to the destination or with some stops on the way. On the other hand, some are equipped with only soft-sleepers and soft-seats.

 T – Express

This kind has limited stops on the routes, mainly in these major cities. The highest speed is 140km/h. Almost every T-series is equipped with soft-sleeper, soft-seat, hard-sleeper and hard-seat.

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