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Suzhou located in Jiangsu province in the middle of Yangtze River delta at East China. Suzhou has known as the garden city of China because its unique landscape architecture. It was listed in World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

River-land-air transportation network is convenient in Suzhou.

1.Plane: There is no airport in Suzhou. If you want to take a plane, there are 3 options you can choose.
No.1, you can get off the flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. There are 150 km from Suzhou, and then you can take a airport shuttle bus(need 3 hours) or train(2 hours) to Suzhou.
No.2, you can get off the flight at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. There are 100 km from Suzhou, and then you can take an airport shuttle bus(1.5 hours) or train(30 minutes) to Suzhou.
No.3, you can get off the flight at Wuxi Shuofang Airport. There are 36 km from Suzhou, and then you can take an airport shuttle bus(20 minutes) or train(2 hours) to Suzhou.

2.Train: Now Suzhou has 4 train station Suzhou Train Station, Suzhou North Train Station, Suzhou Industrial Park High Speed Rail Station, Suzhou New District High Speed Rail Station.

3.Bus: In the city there are bus terminals. Suzhou North Bus Terminal, Suzhou South Bus Terminal, Suzhou West Bus Terminal and Wuzhong District Bus Terminal.

4.Ship: You can buy tickets at Nanmen Wharf to travel Great Canal.

There are 5 main means of transportation in Suzhou city.

There are many bus routes in the city, including 5 travelling route almost cover all scene sites in Suzhou. Besides, there are another 5 BRT to avoid traffic jam in the city. Usually the ticket price is 1-2 yuan.

Subway No.1 is available now. Service time is 6:29-21:26(Mudu Station) and 6:29-22:24(Zhongnan Street Station).

Take a taxi at 23:00-05:00 will be more expensive.

This is the best way if you really want to enjoy the ancient street.Use this way to make you slow down in this city.

Only 15 minutes you can ride a bike through all ancient town, of course you can also take your time to enjoy the view. There are 2 ways to rent a bike. Go to the private renting shop or get a renting card.

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