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Shanghai is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River on the east of China. The modernization of this city will give you a brand-new visual impact.

Sea-land-Air transportation network is very developed and convenient in Shanghai.

1.Plane: Shanghai has 2 airport make its air system very developed. The first one is Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, 13 km from city center, located in western suburb of Shanghai. Except a few flights to Japan and Korea, the rest of them are domestic flight. You can take a shuttle bus, bus, or taxi to city center.
And the second airport is Shanghai Pudong International Airport, located in Pudong District, 30 km from city center, most of International flights are here. You can take a maglev train, subway, bus or taxi to city center.

2.Train: Shanghai has 4 train station, they are Shanghai Train Station, Shanghai South Train Station, Hongqiao Train Station and Shanghai West Train Station.

3.Bus: There are more than 40 bus terminals in Shanghai.

4.Ship: Shanghai has 2 International Ferry Terminal, Shanghai International Ferry Terminal and Wusongkou International Ferry Terminal. They can reach to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and Southeast Asia.

There are 6 main means of transportation in Shanghai city.

1. Subway
There are 12 subway routes in city. You can buy a one-day pass or three-day pass to save your money more.

Shanghai taxis have 4 color represent 4 different company, yellow, blue, white and green.

The operate time of bus is at 09:00-21:30(Apr.-Oct.), 09:00-19:30(Nov.-Mar.)

4.Touring bus
There are 3 routes to different places. Route Red is Shanghai city touring, Route Green is Shanghai ancient temple touring, Route Blue is Pudong District touring.

Along Huangpu River there are a lot ferries with 17 routes on the river.

Renting a bike will be a good way to ride in the city.

China City Map

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