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Kunming located in Yunnan province in the middle of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau at southwest China. Kunming is a door face to Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Southern Europe and Africa.

Land-air transportation network is very developed and convenient in Kunming.

1. Plane: Kunming Changshui International Airport is 24.5 km from city center. The mainly airlines are Kunming-Beijing, Kunming-Shanghai, Kunming-Xi’an and some cities inside Province. It’s a bit far from the city so you might should arrange your time earlier to go there.You can take Airport Shuttle Bus, bus, subway or taxi from city to airport.

2.Train: Kunming Train Station is the main train station in Kunming. There is another station Kunming West Station. It will take you 15 minutes from city center to Kunming Train Station. There is only one route in Kunming West Station to Panzhihua ( in Sichuan)

3.Bus terminals: In the city there are 5 bus terminals.

There are 4 main means of transportation in Dalian city.

In Kunming has exclusive bus lane cover the whole city. Most of the bus the tickets are 1 yuan. The earliest bus start at 6:00-6:30, the latest one is at 22:00-23:30. Bus No.A1 is Bus tour line, 2 yuan for ticket price, through all the famous scenic spots in Kunming city. These scenic spots are Expo Park, Kunming Museum, Golden Horse Square and Yunnan Nationalities Village.

There are 2 subway lines in Kunming. Subway No.6 and No.1

Take a taxi at night time(22:00-5:00) will more expensive than daytime(5:00-22:00). Every taxi have an obvious animal print and number on its surface. One animal represent a fleet of taxis. It will make you remember it easier if you drop something in the taxi.

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