Chinese Culture Introduction.

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China is one of the Four Ancient Civilizations (alongside Babylon, India and Egypt), according to Chinese scholar Liang Qichao (1900). It boasts a vast geographic expanse, 3,600 years of written history, as well as a rich and profound culture. Many aspects of Chinese culture can be traced back many centuries ago. Chinese culture is so diverse and unique, yet harmoniously blended, and presents itself an invaluable asset to the world.

  • Chinese Food

    Chinese Food

    Chinese food spread all over the world because it combines Chinese cooking skills with local flavors...
  • Chinese Painting

    Chinese Painting

    The Chinese painting is an independent painting variety with Chinese art spirit and strong specific ...
  • Chinese Lanterns

    Chinese Lanterns

    Chinese lanterns are often given as lucky presents to newlyweds to symbolize eternal love
  • Kung Fu

    Kung Fu

    One of China's most famous exports is the myriad forms of kung fu.
  • Chinese Zodiac

    Chinese Zodiac

    The Chinese zodiac features 12 animals in the sequence of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Hor...
  • Chinese Religions

    Chinese Religions

    The Chinese religions were characterized by syncretism.
  • Four Great Inventions

    Four Great Inventions

    The Four Great Inventions in ancient China, namely, paper-making, printing, the compass and gunpowde...
  • Chinese Dragon

    Chinese Dragon

    The Chinese dragon is a symbol of life, which reflects the sense of life and ideal of survival in an...
  • Marriage Custom

    Marriage Custom

    The traditional marriage custom of China implicates rich cultural meanings. First, marriage goes on ...
  • Beijing Opera

    Beijing Opera

    Beijing Opera is a performing art that embraces opera, singing, music, dancing and martial arts.
  • Chinese Medicine

    Chinese Medicine

    The herb is the essence of Chinese culture.
  • Chinese Calligraphy

    Chinese Calligraphy

    Chinese calligraphy is an art which is so naturally and nicely incorporated with China's abundant re...
  • Panda


    Pandas are the Chinese national treasure.
  • Arts & Crafts

    Arts & Crafts

    About the ancient Arts & Crafts
  • Architecture


    Development of Chinese Ancient Architecture
  • Ancient Currency

    Ancient Currency

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