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Zhengzhou introduced

Zhengzhou is the provincial capital city in the central of China. It’s regarded as “the heart of China Railway” and “China transportation crossroad”.

Northern Zhengzhou is close to Yellow River, Its west is near Mount Songshan. This city is surrounded by Mountain and river, this is really a “land of treasure”.

Zhengzhou has the highest percentage of available space with greenery. The plane trees stand beside the street become a sight of city, so Zhengzhou is known as “Central Plains green city” as well.

As the birthplace of the Chinese nation, Zhengzhou is one of the eight ancient capitals in China. Since 4200 years ago, Zhengzhou was the capital city of Xia and Shang dynasty.

Zhengzhou characteristics:

1. Erqi Memorial Tower
This is the symbol of Zhengzhou city which was built in 1971. It was built for commemorating the strike martyrs in 1925. The total height is 63 meters, 14 levels.

2. The Yellow River scenic spot
Yellow River, or Huanghe River, is the mother river of China. We could walk up to her, feel about her, embrace her.

3. Mount Songshan
Mountain Songshan is one of the Five Great Mountains of China.

4. Kang Baiwan Manor
It was built at late Ming and early Qing dynasties. Its stone carving, wood carving and brick carving is famous in China.

Zhengzhou Sight

The city is a historic city for its special local culture. With a pleasant climate, Zhengzhou is your best choice anytime!

Forest of Dagobas (Ta lin)Shaolin TempleSong mountainZhongyue Temple (Zhongyue Miao)Yellow River Scenic Area

Zhengzhou Tour Packages

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