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Shangri-la introduced

Shangri-la is located at the northwest of Yunnan province in the triangle area of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet. Located at the altitude which more than three kilometers above the sea level, Shangri-la is a rare Pure Land that perfectly reserve local natural ecology and traditional national culture. It enjoy the reputation of “the big garden on high mountain”, “the kingdom of flora and fauna” and “the kingdom of nonferrous metals”.

Shangri-la means “the clear moon in heart” in Tibetan language. Due to the similarity of that eternal peace and silent land in James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon”, Shangri-la became a land of idyllic beauty in many people’s heart. Here has mysterious temples and snow-topped peaks, also has peaceful lake which around by forest, and endless grasslands. This is a real “Utopia”.

Shangri-la characteristic:

1. Meri Snow Mountain
It’s the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism. It’s not easy to see the perfect holy mountain, the scene sunlight shine on the top of mountain, is only showed to some fatal man. Every early winter, many Tibetan come here from thousands of miles to make pilgrimages to temples and monasteries, and holy mountains and lakes, including circumambulate around holy mountains and spinning prayer wheels. The main peak Wagebo is “The god of snow mountains” and till now no one can set feet on the top.

2. Songzanlin Lamasery
It was built near the mountain, the shape just looks like an old castle. It’s the biggest Tibetan Buddhism temples community of Yunnan, called “Little Potala Palace”.

3. Potatso National Park
There are green mountain, crystal clear lake, natural pastures and wetland in the park. May is the blooms season of azalea, the breeze blowing petals on the surface of the lake, then fishes come to swallowing it, show a drunk look in water.

4. Napa Lake
This is a typical seasonal lake. Between summer and autumn here is a grassland, like a carpet strewn with flowers and highland barley. But when winter comes here will turn to a broad water area, just like a giant mirror.

5. White-Water Terraces
Naxi people's Dongba religion was originate from here. When seen from afar, the White-Water Terraces stand in the green mountain and river looks like the stillness waterfall under the sunshine.

6. Shangri-La gorge
There has a karst cave in the gorge, on the wall of the entrance to cave, a footprint seal on there clearly by nature. And there is another magic spring called “Shout spring” because when people shouting in front of the cave, the spring water will pour out from the cave, you will find it sweet if you try to drink it.

Shangri-la Sight

Between the Snow Mountains and meadows, there's a wonder made of the God. The quiet and beautiful water from countless lakes, a perfect Garden of Eden in your dream—Shangri-la.

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Shangri-la Tour Packages

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