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Lhasa introduced

The word “Lhasa” means “holy land” in Tibetan language. It always been the Tibetan central of politics, economy, culture and religion with 1300 years history. It’s located at the central of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau At an altitude of 3650 meters, is one of the highest cities in the world.

At this holy land plateau, everything could attract us, the blue sky, the snowy mountain, the unique religious culture, all lead us to pursue a clean heart. Every man all have a dream to set their feet on the land of Lhasa, to visit the Potala Palace and Namtso Lake, linger around at Barkhor Street, listen the chant sutras sounds from the air, wash your soul out of noisy world. And the oxygen-thin air on the plateau can make you feel your body become so light. Maybe this will be a tough journey, but since you start this journey you already start the way to find your own answer in this world. This journey will be a unforgettable experience in your life.

Lhasa characteristics:

1. Potala Palace
Potala Palace is a pearl on the roof of the world, it’s the symbol of Lhasa and a holy palace in Tibetan people’s heart. In this highest palace of the world, collecting rich cultural relics and artware. This is a real architectural complex include three parts: palace, Buddhism Hall Room and stupas.

2. Namtso Lake
In Tibetan language, Namtso means “Heavenly Lake”, it’s also one of the Four Holy Lakes of Tibet. The perfectly combination of lake water, blue sky, white cloud and snowy mountain can make you forget the exist of yourself. Standing by the lakeside, you even wonder if you really live in the world.

3. Jokhang Temple
This is a millennium old temple, in the temple place a 12-year-old-like Shakyamuni statue. You can see the pilgrims prayed and crawled at the gate of Jokhang Temple, from this sight you can know the status of Jokhang Temple in Tibetan people’s heart.

4. Drepung Monastery
This is the biggest temple in Tibetan. In shoton festival every year is the most boisterous time here.

5. Barkhor Street
It’s the famous commercial center and circumanbulation. It was well preserved to show the traditional face and local living style. There are a lot of shops beside the street, you can buy Thangka, prayer wheel, bronze Buddha and other Tibetan accessories.

Lhasa Sight

The mysterious and exotic culture, unique scenery, ancient history, mystical religion and spectacular monuments will make your experience memorable.

The Brahmaputra CanyonPotala PalaceJokhang TempleBarkhor StreetSera MonasteryDrepung MonasteryGanden Monastery

Lhasa Tour Packages

11 Days China Treasure Tour
Beijing - Xi'an - Lhasa - Shanghai

Beijing, Xian, Lhasa and Shanghai, four popular tourism cities of China, are four different cities with their own character and spirit. Join us in this 11-day China tour ...

from $1812 + MORE
21 Days China Paradise Tour with Tibet & Panda
Beijing - Xi'an - Lhasa - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Shanghai - Yichang - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Guilin - Yangshuo - Hong kong

Do you wanna travel through China to appreciate its most popular landscapes, to discover its inner spirit in one time? So come with China-special, this 21 days China disc...

from $3956 + MORE
14 Days China Memory Tour
Beijing - Xi'an - Lhasa - Shanghai

This tour will show you a wonderful and beautiful modern cities of China via visiting Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall, Yu Garden, The...

from $0 + MORE

Lhasa Day Tour

4 Days Lhasa Classic Tour

Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. Located at the foot of Mt. Gephel, the altitude of Lhasa is 3,490 m and the air here contains only 68% of oxygen. Traditionally, Lhasa is t...

from $408 + MORE
5 Days Tsedang to Lhasa Historical Tour

We provides this 5 days tour to meet your need to find out the long history and rich culture of Tibet. Tsedang (Shannan) is the cradle of Tibetan civilization. We will vi...

from $622 + MORE
6 Days Lhasa to Namtso Leisure Tour

As an ancient city of Tibet with the history more than 1,300 years, Lhasa offers a lot : its long history, brilliant culture, unique folk and enchanting highland view. An...

from $725 + MORE
Lhasa, Yamdruktso Lake & Tsetang Holy Legends Tour

Few tourists have not been fascinated by the mysterious Tibetan culture, on the pilgrim way to Lhasa; you’ll also seek for peace of mind.

from $0 + MORE
Lhasa & Namtso Lake Adventure Tour

Join us as we explore the essence of Lhasa followed by a stroll at the Namtso Lake, a destination for Tibeten pilgrims for centuries. As a holy lake in Tibet and the high...

from $0 + MORE
Lhasa & Yamdruktso Lake Holy Tour

This tour brings you the essence of Lhasa City with many must-see monasteries, which is highlighted by marvelous Yamdroktso Lake.

from $0 + MORE
Lhasa Highlights Tour

When you see the pilgrims lying prostrate on the ground outside the Buddhism Monastery, keep this sacred scene in memory, as does a painter. This fantastic tour allows yo...

from $0 + MORE
6-day Tour to Lhasa

This specially-designed Tibet tour is for those who want to explore the cultural & natural sites inside and outside Lhasa. You will visit the monasteries in Lhasa and...

from $0 + MORE
4-day Tour in Lhasa of Tibet

Take a 4-day Lhasa Tibet tours to explore the religious appeals, grand Buddhist monasteries, highland scenery, special Tibetan culture and unique things with us!

from $0 + MORE

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