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Kunming introduced

Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan province. It’s also an important tourist and trade city in China. It’s known as “Spring City” famous in the domestic and overseas because it’s not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter, Kunming’s year temperature difference is the smallest amount in China cities.

Kunming spring city is a romantic city like flowers. The climate is always like February and March, flowers never die in the whole year. The sky is always blue, the cloud at nightfall is so colorful, the green grass and fresh flowers spread all over the city, of course there are also fresh air and bright sunshine.
The stone forest, the Dian Lake, Yunnan Nationalities Village constitutes a bright scenery of Kunming city.

Kunming characteristics:

1. The stone forest
This special and strange karst topography and landform has a long history. It was honored as “ the wonder of the world”.

2.Dian Lake
It located at the southwest of Kunming city, it’s the biggest plateau lake in Yunnan province, people usually called it “ Plateau Pearl”. Tourist can stand on the Dragon Gate to overlook the lake, and also can sit in boat to enjoy the view.

3. Grand View Pavilion
It was built near the lake, has three floors, started build during the emperor Kangxi period.

4. Golden Horse and Jade Rooster
This is the symbol of Kunming and now already became the main commercial block of Kunming.

5. Golden Temple Park
It located at the Mingfeng Mountain 7 kilometers far from city center. Because the main temple hall was made by brass, it will shining in the sunlight, so it was called “Golden Temple”

6. Yunnan Provincial Museum
This is the best place to know better about Yunnan’s culture and history.

Kunming Sight

Kunming is called the “Spring City” in China for the warm climate in a whole year. Surrounded by the mountains and reivers, Kunming always gives you an unexpected surprise.

Bamboo TempleDianchi LakeYunnan Nationalities VillageYuantong TempleDragon GateXishan Forest ParkJiuxiangShilin (Stone Forest)Green Lake ParkWorld Horti-Expo Garden

Kunming Tour Packages

10 Days Yunnan Tour to The Lost Horizon
Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-la

Yunnan will never fail to offer you endless and amazing destinations within its area. Besides Kunming, Dali and Lijiang, Shangri-La should be the next surprise waiting fo...

from $1519 + MORE
8 Days Kunming, Dali ,Lijiang  Tours
Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Lijiang

Escape from the hustle and bustle in city life. Come and refresh yourself in breathtaking Yunnan. You also have the opportunity to experience the diversity of different m...

from $785 + MORE
6 Days Kunming & Lijiang Tours
Kunming - Lijiang - Dali

Escape from the hustle and bustle in city life. Come and refresh yourself in breathtaking Lijiang and Kunming. You also have the opportunity to experience the diversity o...

from $0 + MORE

Kunming Day Tour

4 days Kunming Tour

Enjoy a delightful and worry-free tour with all highlights in and around Kunming. Watch the unique Karst wonder in stone forest; admire the picturesque scenery and ancien...

from $0 + MORE
3 days Kunming Tour

Trip to Kunming, a city with pleasant temperature all the year round, features at the awesome karst wonders and colorful minority cultures.

from $0 + MORE
One Day Kunming City Tour

This One Day Kunming City Tour will take you to West Hill, Kunming Flowers and Birds Market, Golden Temple and Yuantong Temple by private Vehicle.

from $0 + MORE
2 Days Kunming Tour

Kunming has plans to become a centre of tourism, finance, horticulture and a communications hub linking China and Southeast Asia. Kunming 2 Days Tour inludes the Stone Fo...

from $0 + MORE
One Day Kunming Tour of Stone Forest

Classical One Day Kunming Tour of Stone Forest: The Stone Forest is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site located 98 km away from Kunming. It is world 's most stunning na...

from $0 + MORE

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