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Huangshan introduced

Huangshan city located in Anhui province, is a world famous international tourism city. Huangshan mountain scenic spot as the symbol of Huangshan city, it enjoyed the reputation of being a “the most strange mountain in the world”. Huangshan mountain has five greatness, strangely-shaped pines, bizarre rocks, seas of clouds, hot spring and winter snow.

Come here to see the sunrise from eastern and see the cloud seas roll, come here to enjoy the light of old town and the antique beauty. You will find the memories of folks are so alive here.

Huangshan characteristics:

1. Huangshan mountain scenic spot
Huangshan is one of the most breath-taking sites in China,which is credited to be the King of all the mountains. As a double entry on the list of UNESCO's Heritage of Culture and Nature, Mt. Huangshan is one of the top ten national spots.

2. Tunxi Ancient Street
This street is an important symbol of Huizhou culture. White walls, grey-green roof tile, stone road shows a different style of this old street.

3. Qiyun Mountain
There is a stone straight into the sky reach to the top of clouds, that’s the meaning of Qiyun.

Huangshan Sight

The beauty of Huangshan is beyond description in any word. It is honored with the First Fantastic Mountain in China. Nomatter which angle you will see, you can appreciate the perfect sight!

Yellow Mountain (Huangshan Mountain)Tunxi Ancient StreetTangyue Memorial Archway GroupXidi and Hongcun Ancient Villages

Huangshan Tour Packages

10 Days Tour to Zhangjiajie and Mt. Huangshan
Beijing - Zhangjiajie - Shanghai - Huangshan

In this 10 days tour, you will visit the most gorgeous mountain landscape of China – the magnificent Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan) and spectacular series of mount...

from $1755 + MORE
14 Days China Group Tour of Amazing Landscape
Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai - Huangshan

This 14 days China group tour will take you to enjoy the amazing nature and human landscape of Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Suzhou and Huangshan. Only you join in this China ...

from $0 + MORE

Huangshan Day Tour

3 Days Tour of Mount Huangshan

During the three days, you have the opportunity to have a sightseeing of breathtaking natural scenery as well as to experience typical Huizhou Culture.

from $0 + MORE
4 Days Shanghai&Huangshan Tour- By Train

Located in southern Anhui Province, Mount Huangshan covers an area of 250 kilometers, of which 154 square kilometers are scenic attractions. Its landscape features "...

from $0 + MORE
2 Day Yellow Mountain Tour

With a long history and splendid cultures, Huangshan City is located in southern Anhui Province. In the Jin Dynasty (265-420) Huangshan City was called Xin' an county. An...

from $0 + MORE
One Day Huangshan Tour

Starts at downtown Tunxi and go to Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in the morning. Hiking and sight-seeing in peak area all day long. The peak area is vast and there are ...

from $0 + MORE

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