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Dalian introduced

Dalian is located at the south of Liaodong Peninsula which is a coastal city has comfort climate and Convenient transportation. Not a very big city, don’t have too many people, you can enjoy that warm sunshine, blue sea, soft sand-beach, football and sweat girl here the whole day. In someone’s eyes, she is the most beautiful and romantic city in China.

100 years ago, some Tsarist Russia engineers come to this city with their huge passion for France culture. They bring an important thing- Construction drawings of Paris aim to build a “Oriental Paris” in this far east land. So now we can see a special view- for the square as the center, those streets radiate towards in all directions. Not only square, the grasslands, white pigeons. Sculptures and geysers are also regard as the special views in Dalian. And China unique horseback Policewomen and waltz music will surprise you also.

The unique history of Dalian make it has an International architecture style, such as ancient Rome hypo-style, ancient Russian Architecture, Baroque architecture, Byzantine Architecture, Japanese Villas architecture and Chinese traditional architecture.

Dalian characteristics:

1. Tiger Beach Ocean Park
This is the biggest modern coastal Playground in China. Natural scenes are wonderful in there, the mountain and the sea match perfectly that perform a charming view.

2. Xinghai Square
Xinghai Square is the biggest city square in Asia that built on 30th, June 1997 for Hong Kong's return to China. A white marble Ornamental Pillars stand in the square. The Xinghai conference and exhibition center that at the north of the Square is a landmark building of Dalian, it usually hold any kind of exhibitions the whole year.

3. Pebble beach resort
It’s known as “Strange stone’s garden” because it spread many strange pink reefs, golden rocks and weird turtle stone inside. These stones are not created by human, they all create by magic nature.

4. Dalian Corniche
It’s the best sightseeing road also called “Lovers road” which is located at the south coast. It was listed in National Key Scenic and Historic Interest Spots with Port Arthur in Dalian.

5. Port Arthur
The Port Arthur is a half modern history of China.

Dalian Day Tour

3 Days Dalian City Break

Making the most of your short stay in Dalian, this tour will not only take you to explore the vibrant of the important port city of northeast China, but also showcases th...

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2 Days Essence of Dalian Tour

2 Days essential tour to explore the highlights in Dalian city, as well as an extension to the nearby Bangchuidao Island to appreciate the marvelous natural beauty of the...

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1 Day Golden Pebble Beach Day Dalian Tour

Golden beach resort, only 50 kilometers away from Dalian City Center, is an ideal tourist place for all ages. There are beaches for swimmers, exhibition halls for culture...

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4-day Dalian Tour

Make an in-depth exploration of charming Dalian, with all typical attractions - enchanting Bangchuidao Scenic Area, fantastic Golden Pebble Beach, and amazing large-size ...

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3-day Dalian Tour

Knows for its pleasant, clean air, and bright beaches, Dalian is a world-famous summer resort. Just enjoy a 3-day Dalian trip at a relaxing pace.

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