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Chengdu introduced

Chengdu is a historical city with more than 2000 years history. It’s the land of abundance, it’s the hometown of Panda, it’s a paradise for foodies, a city you don’t want to leave...

The beautiful environment, comfort climate, passionate people, various food type, unique teahouse culture, abundant travel resources, modern economy constructions make Chongqing become the most important city in southwest region of China.

In Chengdu, leisure is became a kind of culture into this city, spread out every corner, also infecting the guest from all around the world.

Chengdu characteristics:

1. Go to Panda base to visit cute Pandas
If you go to the hometown of Panda but never know how does the real panda live and play, then we could only say: that’s really a shame! If you come to the base in Autumn, you could see the only “colorful time” of Panda, because in the rest of their life they just wear white and black coat in a lifetime. Within little new born panda come to the earth in 7 days, their body shows a pink color. After 7 days their hair start to grow.

2. Experience the Chengdu tea culture
Taste tea in this city is a kind of delight of life. You can sit in a teahouse, watch how local people enjoy their life, and you will slow yourself down also.

3. Enjoy Sichuan opera
It’s a local opera shows a deep ancient cultural entertainment style.

Chengdu Sight

Chengdu is called the “Paradise Locus” in Chinese, It was recently named one of most livable city in China by China Daily. You will experience the primitive beauty of nature.

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Chengdu Tour Packages

15 Days China Impression Tour
Beijing - Xi'an - Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai

Wanna escape from the over-noising city? Why not enjoy a tour to the living paradise Jiuzhaigou Valley and picturesque Guilin? Spend 15 Days to wander in the wonderland -...

from $2373 + MORE
6 Days Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Tour
Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou

Known as a fairyland on the earth, Jiuzhaigou Valley is famous for its dozens of blue, green and turquoise-colored lakes. This 6 Days Sichuan Tour provides a fantastic i...

from $1125 + MORE
13 Days China Tour with Panda
Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai

This tour is specially suitable for family with kids. It is added some experienced activities like Calligraphy Class to make your tour more colorful. Enhance your cultura...

from $0 + MORE

Chengdu Day Tour

2 days Dujiangyan Panda Tour (SIC)

This 2-day panda tour is idea for experiencing giant panda’s daily life and culture by working as a volunteer. What’s more, you will see the ancient engineeri...

from $0 + MORE
1 day Panda Volunteer tour to Dujiangyan Panda Base (SIC)

This one-day panda tour is taking you to Dujiangyan Panda Base, the third of its kind in China’s Sichuan province, and known as “the nursing home” to gi...

from $0 + MORE
4 days Chengdu Tour

This 4-day chengdu tour combines the natural & cultural heritages sites to offer pleasure experience. From the beautiful natural scenery on Mount Emei, to the grand s...

from $0 + MORE
3 days Chengdu Typical Tour

Discover the world natural and cultural heritage sites in Chengdu! See the ancient wonders that stood on the soaring rivers, or just hold the panda in hand and get some c...

from $0 + MORE
2 Day Chengdu City Tour and Panda Visit

Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan Province and the cultural heart of southwest China, is located on the edge of the fertile plains of the Red Basin in the centra...

from $0 + MORE
4 Days Jiuzhaigou Tour

The name Jiuzhaigou came from nine Tibetan villages scattered throughout the valley. Its attraction lies in its idyllic beauty. Start Jiuzhaigou tour now.

from $0 + MORE

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