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Yangshuo Tours

There is a saying in China “ Guilin scenery is the best in the world, and Yangshuo scenery is the best of Guilin”. Yangshuo is a small country about 65 km away from Guilin city. Yangshuo is famous as its beautiful scenery, especially the mountain and river landscapes. Yangshuo is absolutely famous in both domestic and overseas.

Yangshuo has a long history which was build in A.C.590. Many historical sites such as Yangshuo West Street and Fuli Ancient Town still well preserved now.

Lijiang River in Yangshuo is the most quintessence section of Lijiang River scenery. And Yulong River is also beautiful, people usually call it “ Little Lijiang River”.

Yangshuo Tour Packages

13 Days China Cruise Tour with Yangtze & Li River
Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Yangshuo - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Shanghai - Yichang

This trip is the taste of river lovers. The Yangtze River is famous for its length and grandeur as well as its important role in Chinese history and culture, while the Li...

from $1825 + MORE
15 Days China Impression Tour
Beijing - Xi'an - Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai

Wanna escape from the over-noising city? Why not enjoy a tour to the living paradise Jiuzhaigou Valley and picturesque Guilin? Spend 15 Days to wander in the wonderland -...

from $2373 + MORE
14 Days Experience the Nature and the Culture
Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Guilin - Yangshuo - Xi'an - Guilin - Beijing

After a tour to modern city Shanghai, this tour will focus on a photograph journey to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Guilin, to appreciate the marvelous natural landscape there. Fr...

from $1769 + MORE
21 Days China Paradise Tour with Tibet & Panda
Beijing - Xi'an - Lhasa - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Shanghai - Yichang - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Guilin - Yangshuo - Hong kong

Do you wanna travel through China to appreciate its most popular landscapes, to discover its inner spirit in one time? So come with China-special, this 21 days China disc...

from $3956 + MORE
11days China Tours with Guilin Beijing Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai
Guilin - Yangshuo - Beijing - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Shanghai

11 days China Tours with Guilin Longsheng Yangshuo Beijing Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai is best quality tour package with budget price.

from $1565 + MORE
15 Days Essence of China Group Tour with Yangtze Cruise
Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Yangshuo - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Shanghai

This 15 days essence of China group tour with Yangtze cruise will show you a real China, leave you a deep impression of China. Beijing and Xian will lead you to discover ...

from $0 + MORE
14 Days Impression China Group Tour
Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai

This 14 days impression China group tour will take you to experience the main traveling cities including Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shanghai. In this group ...

from $0 + MORE
12 Days China Impression Tour
Beijing - Shanghai - Xi'an - Yangshuo - Guilin - Guangzhou - Hong kong

This tour includes the “must-see” attractions in the famous top visiting cities. You will be absolutely fascinated by Beijing’s culture and history, Xia...

from $0 + MORE
13 Days China Tour with Panda
Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai

This tour is specially suitable for family with kids. It is added some experienced activities like Calligraphy Class to make your tour more colorful. Enhance your cultura...

from $0 + MORE
5 Days Extended Guilin to Hong Kong Tour
Guilin - Yangshuo - Hong kong

Discover and appreciate Guilin’s unique karst natural scenery, otherwise have a bird’s view of prosperous city, Hong Kong which also called “shopping pa...

from $0 + MORE
6 Days Extended Guilin to Guangzhou Train Tour
Guilin - Yangshuo - Guangzhou

Guilin’s scenery attracts more and more travelers. In here you will stay away from the bustle and hustle city, only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and peaceful...

from $0 + MORE
7 Days Classic Yunnan Tour from Guilin
Guilin - Yangshuo - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang

This tour is combined must-see Yunnan sightseeing and natural scenery of Guilin. There are multiple Chinese ethnic groups, such as Bai People, Yi People lived in Yunnan. ...

from $0 + MORE
6 Days Guilin, Shanghai, Hangzhou Tour
Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai - Hangzhou

This tour is specially designed for those who travel from Kuala Lumpur. Through this tour, travelers will discover the essence of Guilin including Li River, Elephant Trun...

from $0 + MORE
9 Days Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guilin Tour
Beijing - Shanghai - Hangzhou - Guilin - Yangshuo

This tour takes you to discover the most popular tourist destinations in China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guilin. These cities are difference in culture and life st...

from $0 + MORE
8 Days Beijing, Xian, Guilin Tour
Beijing - Xi'an - Guilin - Yangshuo

Cost less to travel the famous destinations in China and have fun. This tour offers a great cost effective to see the best attractions in China at the best price. You wil...

from $0 + MORE
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