Huangshan Hotels introduction and list.

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Huangshan Hotel Introduction

There are mainly three places you can live when you come to Huangshan City.

1. Tunxi
Huangshan government is also located in Tunxi district, about 60 km far from huangshan mountain scenic spot. The living environment and facilities is better than the hotels on the mountain.

2. Tangkou
This is a small town under the mount Huangshan, you can find some economy hotels in here.

3. On the Huangshan mountain
There is not much hotels on the mountain, the price is higher than other places also. If you come here in the tourism busy season, you should reserve it in advance.

Huangshan Hotel List

Huangshan Resort & Spa
Price: $61
Golden Yan'an Hotel
Price: $29
Huangshan Xiangming Hotel
Price: $66
Ramada Huangshan Hotel
Price: $67
Tiandu International Hotel
Price: $51
Huangshan Xinyuan International Hotel
Price: $24
Huangshan Shilin Hotel
Price: $41
Baiyun Hotel
Price: $38
Wangxiushan Hotel
Price: $20
Huangshan Dragon Win Hotel
Price: $42
Beihai Hotel
Price: $31
Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Huangshan
Price: $47
Huangshan Parrion Hotel
Price: $43
Huangshan Old Street Hotel
Price: $21
Huangshan International Hotel
Price: $44
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