China Kunming attractions, Yunnan Nationalities Village introduced.

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Yunnan Nationalities Village

The Yunnan Nationalities Village is located on the northeastern shore of Dianchi Lake, showing visitors the cultural of Yunnan and traditions of the numerous ethnic groups in the province.

In the Village compound, 25 different independent villages have been planned, but at present only about 20 have been constructed. In addition to these "ethnic villages", there are activities that take place such as a welcoming ceremony with performing White Elephants, the Dinosaur Island theme park area, a concert area for ethnic singing and dancing performances, as well as an Asian Elephant show in the Plaza of Ethnic Unity.

The climax of a visit to the Nationalities Park is a film shown on a fountain of water. The "villagers" are all chosen from the youth of the relevant nationalities to act as guides and performers for tourists. The three major villages represent the Dai, the Bai and the Yi nationalities.