China Guilin attractions, Yinshui Dong Village introduced.

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Yinshui Dong Village

Yinshui Dong Village locates in the 2km of west Longsheng County, about 89km from Guilin City, and directly connected with Lehuang Hydropower Station Storage Area. You can get there by Guilin-Longsheng of 321 national highway. The unique Wind and Rain Bridge integrating bridge, pavilion and gallery and the drum-tower type buildings with square piled-eave, flying corner and tile roof are typical Dong nationality tourist village. The village lies in the trench valley, there the steep peaks with dense forest stretching to the sky, the waterfall flying into the valley, just like a silver chain far away, so this village is called Yinshui Village.

The scenery of Yinshui Dong Village is fascinating with luxuriantly green forest. It has a long history with total area of 3000 square meter and building area of 1500 square meter. As early as Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty, Wus Family of Dong Nationality moved into Longshong and exploiting the mountain to stay living there. With the building of several generations, the village developed as an uneven but well-arranged Dong Village. At the end of village is a well-known worship temple, the burning joss sticks there has never been stopped. In Qianlong reign of Ming Dynasty (1737), Wu Jingyin (the 82nd castellan of Yinshui Village), the leader of Dong Nationality, led Dong people uprising, getting the answer from Zhuang, Miao and Yao Nationalities of Longsheng County. With greater strength and impetus of the uprising army, Guilin Government of Guangxi was terrified and gathered encircled and suppressed the uprising army with Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi Qing Armies in the 4th year of Qianlong Reign. Wu Jingyin Uprising army had been suppressed in the 6th year of Qianlong Reign By Qing Armies and the Yinshui Village had met with the catastrophe. Wu Family moved to an alien land. With the development of tourism and the encouragement of policies of Longsheng People’s Government, Wu Jingmin, the 101st castellan of Family, backed this village, rebuilt Yinshui Dong Village. Yinshui Dong Village has become a window to exhibit Dong custom. There are thousands of tourists who go here to appreciate “Thousand-year Songs Singing” and respectfully listen to the young castellan pouring out vicissitudes history of Dong Family.