China Kunming attractions, Xishan Forest Park introduced.

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Xishan Forest Park

Xishan Forest Park is located in southwest of Kunming, adjacent to the Dianchi Lake, stretching over 40 km, which altitude is 1900-2350 m.

Xishan has beautiful scenery and excellent view, and reputation of "the first Central nirvana" in ancient times. Overlooking peaks of Xishan, like a girl repose at the shore of Dianchi Lake whose face towards the sky, therefore, local people also called it "The Sleeping Beauty."

Xishan is a forest park now, the scenic spots are Chui Yin Gap, too Temple, the tomb of Nie Er, three Qing Court, Longmen, and so on. In addition, during annual March, people gathered in Xishan to sing folk songs, playing lion, have picnics, very crowded.