China Shanghai attractions, Xintiandi introduced.

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Xintiandi is Shanghai, one of the new attractions. This is a Shikumen building as the mainstay, has a European style pub group.

Xintiandi is a popular pedestrian walkway where one normally finds a large crowd of young people enjoying themselves.

There are several restaurants, clubs, traditional Shanghai style residential quarters, a miniature museum, shopping mall, cinema hall, book store and more in this area.

The cafes and restaurants in Xintiandi have both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

The wonderful thing about the area is that there are no cars as it is a traffic free zone. This makes it an ideal trendy walking area with open air cafes where one can relax.

During the day, you can see a lot of Chinese and foreign tourists to this tourist, have their pictures taken. In the evening draws near, here are filled with romantic European style. The open-air bar, coffee bar owners and most young foreigners are welcome. The house features a restaurant or shop ablaze with lights or weak to create a light romantic atmosphere.