China Yangshuo attractions, Xingping Village introduced.

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Xingping Village

Located 27 km from Yangshuo, in the eastern bank of the Li River.  Xingping is an ancient town with a history of more than 1300 years. Apart from the well preserved Ming Dynasty architectures, which dominant the town, and fine wood carving dating back to more than five hundred years, Xingping boast some of the best natural scenery around the area, somewhat better than that that in Yangshuo. The seven mountains surrounding the village, two stone guarding at the entrance keep the place a spiritual sanctuary off the modern world.  The Old Bridge, Ancient Ferries, Guting, the ancient stage, a temple, gnarled old trees and ancient buildings can all be found hidden around Xingping in alleys and long narrow roads. It is an excellent place to spend an afternoon exploring before enjoying local specialties such as Beer Fish or Home-style hot pot.

There are such enchanting scenes as "Pretty Woman Looking in the Mirror", "General Drawing His Sword" and "Carp Drinking from the River".