China Chengdu attractions, Xiling Snow Mountain introduced.

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Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot based on virgin forest to the landscape. The Snow Mountain is 55 kilometers away from Dayi County and 100 kilometer from Chengdu. It was recognized as a province-level key point of interest in August 1989 and a national place of interest in January 1994. Xiling Snow Mountain stands in the middle of Qionglai Mountains and is between the west side of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Chengdu plain. The mountain is characterized by its natural view of the high mountain and rich natural resources. As a water-rich area, Kau Yi Xiantian waterfall, colorful waterfall, Xiao Quan Leopard are the best water features.

Another attraction is the perfect white sand along the Po Kong, "yin and yang community." Yin and Yang is both a mountain community, but also two very different climate of the watershed. On one side is blue skies, blue sky Zhanzhan; side of the steam fog is a cloud Chung, hazy twilight deceive, to the mysterious visitors to unlimited reverie.

Of course, a variety of snow sports and entertainment attract a lot of tourists, as long as you like snow, you will not fall in love with the snow-capped mountains south.