China Shangri-la attractions, Song Zanling Monastery introduced.

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Song Zanling Monastery

The beautiful and enigmatic Shangri-la has inspired writers from both the east and west to capture the mystery of the region in words. 

In his 1993 novel Shangri-La, James Hilton was the first to describe an eternally peaceful place in the East, hidden high in the mountains. Hilton located Shangri-La in a mysterious valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains, azure lakes, grassy marshlands, Buddhist temples, mosques, and a Catholic Church; human beings and nature coexisted in perfect harmony. 

In another novel, Lost Horizon, English diplomat Conway and his brother George helped fellow British citizens escape from danger, only to have their plane hijacked and crashed into the mountains in Tibet. Some lucky survivors were taken to Shangri-la where Conway found a utopian society that was founded 200 years before in which the local people lived up to more than one hundred years old. This place was called "Shangri-La" by the local folks.
With the novels and even a film, Shangri-La became widely known in the west. Later, a Chinese businessman, Guo Huonian, used the name and set up the Shangri-La Hotel Group, which quickly became one of the most successful hotel groups worldwide.

It is simply human nature never to give up looking for paradise lost, but recently, it is believed that the quest may in fact be over. The Deqen Prefecture, which is the only Tibetan region in Yunnan, China, is striking in its similarity with what is described in the novels regarding both the natural scenery and the local people's lifestyle.