China Guilin attractions, Solitary Beauty Peak introduced.

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Solitary Beauty Peak

Solitary Beauty Peak (Duxiu Peak) stands in solitary grace at the center of the ancient Mansion of Prince Jingjiang (a noble family in the Ming Dynasty). Towering from the ground with an elevation of 216 meters, it is reputed as "Sky-Supporting Pillar in the South". During the Southern Dynasty (420-589), some 1500 years ago, Yan Yanzhi, governor of Guilin, wrote the line: "none can surpass this solitary peak in beauty." hence the name Solitary Beauty Peak.


At the foot of the peak are Dushu (Study) Rock, Taiping (Peace) Rock and Yueya (Crescent) Pond. On the eastern side of the hill there are many inscriptions from the Qing dynasty, such as "Southern Sky-supporting Pillar" and "Purple Gown and Golden Belt." A flight of 396 stone steps leads from the west foot of the hill up to the top, where you can get a panoramic view of the whole city and all the mountains surrounding it.

Note that this peak is situated in the grounds of the Guangxi Normal College, so visitors may enter only after 2:00 pm.


Boating south from the dock, and passing Nine Dragons Playing in the Water, the ship enters the Ox Gorge, where the next highpoint of the trip arrives.