China Guilin attractions, Silver Cave introduced.

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Silver Cave

The silver Cave, located 85 km south of Guilin, 25 km from Yangshuo county, is a splendid limestone cave. It runs through 12 mountains and a roundabout tour covers approximately 2 km.

The cave is deep and irregular, with a great number of stalactites of thousand charms, which, in lights glint like silver, hence the name of the cave. These majestic, diamond-like stalactites decorate the cave and make it into a dazzling place. The cave can be divided into three sections: upper cave, lobby and the lower cave, with dozens of distinctive scenery.

The surrounding mountains, pointed jade-like hills, scattering peach trees and flaming wide flowers make the silver cave resort appear to be a huge natural pot. A visit here is often escorted by the fragrance from the flowers and the mellow fruits.