China Kunming attractions, Shilin (Stone Forest) introduced.

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Shilin (Stone Forest)

Shilin (Stone Forest) is a notable set of karst formations in Shilin County, in the Yunnan province of southwest China, approximately 85 km from the city of Kunming. The tall rocks seem to emanate from the ground in the manner of stalagmites, with many looking like trees made of stone, creating the illusion of a forest made of stone.


Shilin covers an area of 2,670 square km and is divided into several scenic areas with names like Greater Stone Forest, Lesser Stone forest, Outer Stone Forest, Underground Stone Forest, Stone Forest Lake, and Da Dieshui Falls. The formations are believed to be over 270 million years old.[1] They are a tourist attraction for both foreign and domestic tourists, with bus tours taking tourists there from Kunming. There are also hotels in the area.


Each year around the 24th and 25th day of the sixth lunar month, many Yi people celebrate the Torch Festival, which features folk dances and wrestling competitions.