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Shichahai is located in the southwest of the Drum Tower in beautiful surroundings, Shicha Lake has a history of about 700 years in the Yuan Dynasty (1279_1368). It assumed its present name in the Ming Dynasty (1368_1644). Strolling along its shoreline, the visitor can appreciate the lake’s glimmering blue water, its graceful weeping willows, its twisting railings and the flower-and-tree-covered central island. Pleasure boats are available for rowing and the banks are amply provided with shady places to rest. A swimming area in the lake is open every summer. Shichahai Scenic Zone, beginning from the Second Ring Road in the north to Ping’an Avenue in the south and from Di’anmenwai Street in the east to Xingjiekou Street in the west, is a paradise for tourists. It encompasses 146.7 hectares(362.5 acres). The Zone is the only area in the city center where vast open waters, comprised by Xihai (West Lake), Houhaai(back or Rear Lake) and Qianhai (Front Lake ) lakes, exist. More than 40 units for protection of historical relics are located there. They include the former residence of honorary president of People’s Republic of China Soong Ching Ling(1893_1981); Guo Moruo(1892_1978) Museum, which is devoted to the famous writer, poet and historian; and Guanghua Temple.