China Guilin attractions, Piled Silk Hill introduced.

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Piled Silk Hill

Located in the north-east of downtown Guilin, Piled Silk Hill was called Gui Hill in ancient times. Around the hill are Duxiu Peak and Fubo Hill. Piled Silk Hill occupies an area of two square kilometers, composing of Mingyue Peak, Xianhe Peak, Siwang Hill and Yuyue Hill. The graceful surrounding sceneries are easy to climb, and have therefore become famous tourist attractions in Guilin. There are many tourist attractions on the hill itself, such as the Folded Brocade Pavilion, the Yuyue Pavilion, the Chengren Tablet of Masters Qu and Zhang, the Yangzhi Hall, the Wind Cave, the Brocade Building, the Wangjiang Pavilion and the Nayun Pavilion.

Mingyue Peak
Situated on the north-east of Piled Silk Hill, Mingyue Peak rises 223 meters above sea level and reaches a height of 73 meters above the main body of Piled Silk Hill.


Nayun Pavilion
Nayun Pavilion is the highlight when traversing Piled Silk Hill. If you climb up to the Moon Peak and stand in the Nayun Pavilion, you will have a birds-eye view of the whole Guilin city. It is one of the best places to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Guilin.