China Shangri-la attractions, Napahai Lake introduced.

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Napahai Lake

It is a provincial nature reserve, which is located 8 km northwest of Zhongdian County, with a total area of 2,400 hectares. At an elevation of 3,266 meters, it is a seasonal lake. The reserve region is flat, and is surrounded by mountains on three sides, which are capped with deep snow during winter and spring. More than ten rivers, such as the Nahe River and the Naizihe River, empty into the Napahai Lake.

During the rainy season, the lake widens while during the drought season the lake shrinks, and most part of the area becomes marsh land. During autumn and winter, the grassland turns golden, the mountains turn green, and the snow on the mountains reflects on the water. Many - water birds such as spot - headed wild geese, yellow geese and Class - A animals under state protection such as black - necked cranes gather here to spend winter, adding beauty to the grassland.