China Yangshuo attractions, Meeting Dragon River introduced.

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Meeting Dragon River

The Meeting Dragon River is also called the “Mini Li River”. The Yulong River originates within the boundary of Lingui county with a length of 42.5km. Sceneries between the Yulong Bridge and Qinger ferry crossing is the most charming. The scenic attractions include Rhinoceros Pool, shuier scenery, the Five-finger Hill, and many others.

A legend goes that a dragon from the East Sea traveled here and was attracted by the beautiful scenery and stayed. At first, he just came out at night to enjoy the beautiful but later, he couldn't help coming out in the daytime. So he was seen by the villagers. So the river was renamed Meeting Dragon River. Two ancient bridges over the river are especially attractive: Yulong ( Meeting Dragon Bridge) and Hefuli Bridge.  Yulong bridge is grander than the Hefuli Bridge. it's a one-arch bridge. There are 28 big or small bridges over the river, the waterwheel, villages in the Banyan, old fishers, and children make picturesque scenery.