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Man Mo Temple

The temple was built on Hollywood Road in 1847. Like all other Man-Mo Temples found in China and all over the world, it was dedicated to two of the most worshiped gods in ancient China: the God of Literature, Man Cheung, and the God of War, Kwan Yu.

In this temple, Man Cheung is dressed in green and Kwan Yu is dressed in red (however, there are literature saying that "Emperor" Kwan liked wearing green. So you will also find many porcelain figures of Kwan in green robes). Inside the temple, there are figures depicting other Chinese gods like Bao-gong, the God of Justice with his face painted in black.

Incense in rod or coil shape are sold. It is said that these incense were "food" to the spirits. That is why the Chinese people always keep the incense burning for no one wants to keep their grannies hungry in another world. If you realise when you are in Hong Kong that there is no fortune cookies in this Chinatown, you will have to look for consultation in local temples and other fortune tellers or feng-shui masters. There is one English-speaking fortune teller at Man-Mo Temple.

About 150 years ago, when disputes could not be settled by British laws, the local people (plaintiffs and defendants) would come to the Man Mo Temple and solve their problems the Chinese way. According to the legal system of the Qing Dynasty, the plaintiff and the defendent would make a promise (and curse) in the temple, then wrote it on a piece of yellow paper. They then killed a chicken, chopped off its head, let the blood run on the yellow paper, and burned it. The Chinese people believed that since the promises were made before the gods in the temple, if they broke these promises, they would suffer dearly from the curses (or the form of punishment) they too have casted previously upon themselves. Hence, the Man Mo Temple was once the Court of Law for the local people many many years ago.