China Kashgar attractions, Karakul Lake introduced.

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Karakul Lake

    Karakul Lake is located approximately 200km from Kashgar. At an altitude of 3,600m, it is the highest lake of the Pamir Plateau, near the junction of the Pamir Mountains, Tianshan and Kunlunshan mountain ranges.

 Karakul Lake
     Karakul means "black lake" and it is indeed looks black when the sun is hidden by clouds. It's the highest lake in the world excluding those in Tibet and even Titicaca Lake - the biggest alpine lake in the world is located on lower altitudes. The lake has 2 basins separated by a peninsula from the south and an island in the north. Surrounded by mountains which remain snow-covered throughout the year, the three highest peaks visible from the lake are the Muztagh Ata (7,546m), Kongur Tagh (7,649m) and Kongur Tiube (7,530m).
    The Karakul Lake is popular among travelers for its fantastic scenery and the clarity of its reflection in the water, whose color ranges from a dark green to azure and light blue. The well-preserved environment here will give people a breath-taking feel. The crystal water reflecting the surrounding mountains, peaks and blue sky and clouds is stunningly beautiful. Karakul Lake is surrounded by mountains with snow and ice. It is a place which can clean the dusty of people’s hearts, tell people the origin face of the earth, and combine the creature of the nature harmoniously.