China Chengdu attractions, Jinli introduced.

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First Street of Xishu, "Chengdu Painting Scroll".
Jinli on the eastern side of the Wuhou Temple, the old-style street mainly consisting of Chuanxi residential. If said that Wuhou Temple full of vicissitudes and dignified history, Jin, on the otherside filled with random and noise Which are well-specific of Chengdu. This less than 400 meter-long street has nearly 100 kinds of shops, not only the traditional food, snacks and inns, but also Fashion shops and bars. There are several shops selling local brand things of Chengdu, for example, the leather bag, the classic pattern of T shirt and cloth lanterns. In short, Jinli is a good place to experience the unique folk customs of Chengdu.

Here, you can experience lively scene of "Gan Chang": ancient opera stage play on a regular basis of the classic repertoire, hold the show of folk artists, civilian wedding ceremony. Visitors can take part in to find pleasure in it.