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Guangzhou Zoo

The Guangzhou Zoo is one of the three largest zoos in China. Founded in 1958, it covers 42 hectares and has about 2.5 million visitors annually.

More than 400 kinds of nearly 5, 000 animals are raised and shown in it, including the endangered and exclusive-in-China species like pandas, golden monkeys, and South China tigers, and rare ones like the world's shortest horse. Animals from all over the world are also found here, such as chimpanzees and African elephants.

The zoo is divided into the zones of insects, reptile, birds, primate, felidae and herbivore.

Some special themes places are set up for your fun, like Ocean World, Amusement Park, Butterfly World, Animals Performance, and Goldfishes Circle. Visitors can also play and take pictures alongside with some tamed animals at the “Animals Plaza”.

The zoo ever successfully reproduced over one hundred species, and managed the first ever breeding of chimpanzee, Asian elephant and giraffe in China. It has multiplied herds of scores of wild animals. The park is also a national base for public education about natural science.