China Lhasa attractions, The Brahmaputra Canyon introduced.

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The Brahmaputra Canyon

     The greatest canyon in the world is China's Brahmaputra Canyon, 504.6 kilometers long and 6,009 meters deep at its deepest spot. Its average depth is 2,268 meters.

   The river with the highest elevation in the world - theBrahmaputra River, has its origin in the Jiemayangzong Glacier in the northern slope of the Himalayas. Its rapid currents roll on in waves towards the east; at the time when it passes Mt. Namjagbarwa in the eastern end of the Himalayas, it has a horseshoe-like bend along the peak. Thick and primitive forests cover the two banks of the river valley and a magnificent green canyon is brought before our eyes. That is the Great Brahmaputra Canyon.


   The Brahmaputra Canyon slept soundly for millions of years. No one knows it is a global most. In the early of 1994, Chinese scientists found by accident that the Brahmaputra Canyon, which cuts through the Himalayas, has an average depth of 5,000 meters with the maximum depth of 5,382 meters; from Pai to Baxika, the total length of the canyon is 496.3 kilometers.


Therefore, the great canyon is no doubt the deepest canyon on the globe. The discovery of this great canyon was acknowledged as "an important discovery on earth in the end of the 20th century"; but its unexpected discovery is a sure result of the long-term and backbreaking labors of generations of Chinese scientists. The mighty scenes of the great canyon give the whole world a pleasant surprise.