China Chongqing attractions, Goose Neck Park introduced.

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Goose Neck Park

Goose Neck Park is located in Yuzhong District along Yangtze River. It was formerly named the Rite Garden, also known as the Yi Garden, which was formerly Li Fuyao’s villa. He was the president of Chamber of Commerce for Chongqing at that time. It was built at the end of Xuantong Period (AD 1909-1911) in late Qing Dynasty. The Park covers an area of 98 acres with the 340-380 meters above sea level. It is the first private garden in China, and also the first park with standardized management after Chongqing being a municipality directly under the central government.

As it lies in the highest place of the Yuzhong Peninsula, with the grand, steep, risky and elegant characteristic features, this is pretty good place for you to admire the fantastic landscape of the two rivers and best night view of mountainous city. The park is famous for its flower show, night view and relaxing tea drinking, especially chrysanthemum show in the golden autumn.