China Guilin attractions, Fubo Hill introduced.

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Fubo Hill



  Fubo Hill Park from the Elephant Trunk Hill Park along the tree-lined Riverside is about 2 km to the north line, you can reach the Elephant another scenic attraction - Fubo Hill Park. Parks by the multi-level mountain garden, whose subject is Fubo Hill, there are also bead holes, Qianfuyan, test sword stone, Waterside Court, Ban Shanting, thousands of pot and large iron bell and other scenic spots and cultural heritage. Visitors along the winding stone steps, upon the rest flat, Mid-tower directly Fubo Hill Top Pavilion will also explore wonders of the water hole, but also through the Fubo Lake on the pontoon bridge to reach the unnamed middle of the river Lijiang River on the island.

Fubo Hill is located in Lijiang the West Bank, its Koho towers, semi-insert Lijiang River, semi-pillow land, elevation 213 meters, 62 meters above the ground, long 120 meters wide and 60 meters, the mountain area of about 0.7 hectares. Have been built in the mountains because of the Tang Dynasty general Ma Yuan Han Fubo Temple and the name, and also because the river was blocked the formation of vortex flow of the mountain, there are surrender the power of the waves, so called Fubo Hill. Fubo Hill, "the mountain steep, pulling in Atlas." Hill, south-east side is Linjiang corridor, Ke Yi Cliff Kikunami; Southwest are climbing stairs, can climb the distance, is the best place to enjoy panoramic views in Guilin, the "Fubo shengjing" reputation. Mountains over the hole in order to "further bead holes" the most famous.

  Chu also Fubo hole in the hillside. According to legend, in ancient times there is an old fisherman, in the Pearl and infuriate Cidong Keepers Dragon King, their trouble and to bring disaster to the people. Guan Fu life after the return of man to Pearl, square so that peace and harmony, so named. Exquisitely carved inside the cave, Goulian Qu Chang, there are Chinese statues of the Song dynasty more than 100 pieces of inscriptions, including Song dynasty painter.

  The title, a self-portrait and a poem that the poet Fan Chengda be called treasures. Hole in the east suddenly see the light, the hole that is deep and bottomed out below, blue water and secluded pool of water Fubo. Linjiang there is a pillar to sag, the detailed, multi-inch gap at the bottom there is connecting with the ground, it may be the open Jianpi be called gods. General Fubo legend is due to test the sword, it said the test stone sword. There are curious visitors, have V sword in the stone under test with huge boulders, on reaching this wonderful touch the gap.

  Thousand-Buddha Grottoes sword from the stone next to the test in the previous linger along the stone steps up to Thousand Buddha Caves, which are in the Tang Dynasty Cliff Figures 239, coupled with only a trace of Fuzao total of 400 have not yet formed as many as advocating the Tang Dynasty Buddhist, Buddhism was very popular symbol, with a high appreciation and research value.

The most obvious hole precious relic was undoubtedly one of the Northern Song Dynasty calligrapher Mi Fu four engraved on the stone walls on the self-portraits, such as 1.2 meters high, the posture and composed demeanor chic. It is worth mentioning that Mi Fu was the first person who painted landscapes in Guilin, he was in 1074 to Guilin, painting, "Yangshuo Mountain map."

Thousands of pot and big iron bell into the park, you can see a heavy cast iron bell 5,000 kilograms, in the corridors of Linjiang Park Kiosk, he stored a weight of 1,000 kg big wok Tam said that the rice can be boiled, for thousands of food, as commonly known as "thousands of pot", two pieces of a huge cast iron materials, the original placed in the Qing Dynasty set Guangdong temple, and after the Temple in Guangdong due to be destroyed during the War of Resistance war, but were transported to this. Although these two artifacts experienced 300 years of wind and rain erosion, but still no lack of finishing the above decorations and inscriptions are legible.

  Fubo Hill is located in Guilin Guilin Travel Tips centers; 2-way bus ride to Fubo Hill Station, or 58 to Fubo Hill Road, free public car park tickets for 15 yuan (1.40 meters tall and 1.00 meters ~ half price, 1.00 meters free of charge) 8:30 ~ 16:40 (30 minutes it takes to reach the summit, park-wide run-length take 1-2 hours) national AAAA level scenic spot.