China Xi'an attractions, Forest of Stone Steles Museum introduced.

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Forest of Stone Steles Museum

Stele Forest, aka Xi'an Stele Forest Museum or Xi'an Beilin Museum, is a museum for steles and stone sculptures which is located in Xi'an, China. Its name comes from its huge collection of steles, reminiscent of a forest. The stele forest is housed in Xi'an's 11th century Confucius Temple, which is one of the most renowned Confucian Temples in China.

The Stele Forest began with the Kaicheng Shi Jing Steles and Shitai Xiao Jing Steles, two groups of steles both carved in the Tang dynasty and displayed in the temple to Confucius in Chang'an. In 904, a rebel army sacked Chang'an, and the two stele were evacuated to the inner city. In 962, they were again moved to the rebuilt temple to Confucius. In the Song Dynasty (1087), a special hall, with attached facilities, was built to house and display the two Stele groups. It was damaged during the Ming dynasty, in the 1556 Shaanxi earthquake.
It collects nearly 3000 steles and it is the biggest museum for steles in China. Most of its collection are steles of the Tang Dynasty. Ink rubbings of the steles are available for sale. Among the unusual examples is a 18th-century stele depicting a Yangtze River flood control project. Another appears to be a bamboo forest, but on examination the leaves and branches form a poem.

Cao Quan Stele (曹全碑, Han Dynasty)
Sima Fang Stele (司马芳碑, Jin Dynasty)
Kaicheng Shi Jing Stele (开成石经碑, Tang Dynasty)
Nestorian Stele (大秦景教流行中国碑, Tang Dynasty)