China Xi'an attractions, Evening Show at Tang Yuegong introduced.

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Evening Show at Tang Yuegong

The show is taken in all the best of music from the past dynasties and absorbed that of west regions and other countries, vividly reflects the thriving economy, the friendly relationship between Tang and its neighboring countries, and the folk daily life of the Tang people. Its grand scale, imposing manner, beautiful music, smooth action, and gorgeous costume, all produce the No.1 show for a tourist in China.

The Theatre Restaurant of the Tang Dynasty Complex is furnished in the Tang style with an area of about 2000 m 2 , which could house more than 500 guests once. The diners could enjoy not only the delicious dishes with sweet wines, but the colorful dance and music of the Tang Dynasty as well.

Thirteen dynasties that maintained their capital in Xi'an (also known as Chang An), but the Tang Dynasty (618-709 AD) period are distinguished as the most progressive and prosperous era in the history of China. Tang Dynasty music and dance symbolize the splendor and the glory of the Chinese civilization and is world famous.
Tang Dynasty Dinner Show
Tang music and dance inherit the songs and dances of the preceding dynasties but also assimilate the new and exotic cultures that came to Silk Road. Xi'an was the crossroad where travelers, merchants and indigenous minority tribes converged to trade within the authentic Tang cultural predominance of this great ancient civilization.

Traditional Chinese folk dances originated from sacrificial ritual, where rhythmic movements and prayers combined to appease god and exhibit with the development of the Chinese culture. It was during the flourishing Tang Dynasty, however, that these dances thoroughly became a graceful art form. These new and graceful movements blend with the magnificent tune of authentic Tang musical instruments such as bells, drums and zithers that create a cultural experience that is both extravagant and entertaining. Years of painstaking practice allow our modern artists to reproduce our impression of the splendor and the glory of this great civilization.