China Lijiang attractions, Dongba Village introduced.

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Dongba Village

Dongba Village in Yushui Stockade is built completely according to the traditional life style of Naxi Minority. You can feel the traditional atmosphere of national culture from the layout of its yard, building facilities, tools and details of life.

The daily life in Dongba Village of Yushui stockade truly represents the life of Dongba, Naxi Minority. There are three Dongba Masters in the village, namely, Yangjiwen, Heliming and Hezhenwei. Now, several Dongba students are learning Dongba culture from the old Dongbas.

In Mar 5th of lunar calendar, Dongbas from the whole Naxi district gather in Yushui stockade, holding the annual Dongba Shenluo Fair at Dongba Shenluo Temple.