China DunHuang attractions, Crescent Spring and Singing Sand Dune introduced.

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Crescent Spring and Singing Sand Dune

   Singing Sand Dune (Mingsha Hill) starts from Mogao Grottoes in the east. It is 40km from east to west, and 20 from south to north. Mingsha (whistling sands) Hill and Crescent Spring scenic spots are 7 kilometers away from downtown Dunhuang and cover a total area of around 200 square kilometers. The dune is with an elegant shape. When people slide down along the slopes, a sound will be heard, hence the name.

   Singing Sand Dune (Mingsha Hill)  is piled up with sand in five colors of red, yellow, green, black and white. The so-called singing sand does not sing by itself, but creates singing sound when people tread or slide on the surface of the sand, which is a kind of miracle of the nature. Some describe this phenomenon as "an astonishing sound of the nature". When sliding on the steep slopes of sand dunes from the top, the drifting sands look like beautiful brocades hung up on the sand dunes or dancing golden dragons, accompanied with beautiful singing sound. The singing sounds like the sound from traditional Chinese music instruments. Hence, the mountain gets its name because of the singing sound of the sand.  
   Crescent Spring is at the northern foot of the Mingsha Hill and is 118 meters from east to west and 25 meters from south to north. The water is fove meters deep. The crescent-like lake is surrounded by the sand but never buried by it. The water in the lake is very clear all year around.

    The Singing Sand Dune (Mingsha Hill)  and Crescent Spring are twin sisters of natural beauty in the wild Gobi Desert. The sand mountain sings because it is divine while the spring is beautiful because it is miracle. Tourists get thrilled and distracted no matter when they have a bird's-eye-view of the beautiful sand dunes from the top of the mountain or wander beside the clear spring. It's no surprise to have the saying that Singing Sand Dune (Mingsha Hill)  helps people free from all worries and Crescent Spring purifies people's minds.