China Chongqing attractions, Ciqikou Ancient Town introduced.

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Ciqikou Ancient Town

Ciqikou is an ancient town in Shapingba District, Chongqing, China, originally named Longyinzhen and also known as Small Chongqing. People always said "One flagtone road, and one thousand years' Ciqikou". It was named as it had supplied large sum of chinaware dating during Qing and Ming Dynasty. It was a busy dock before, which located at the lower reaches of Jialing River. After a thousand years, the town now remains as a symbol and miniature of past Chongqing Jiang Zhou.


It is located in Shapingba district of Chongqing, and on the west bank of Jialing River, within 1.18 square kilometers. Three mountains, Jingbi Shan, Fenghuang Shan and Ma'an Shan lays in Ciqikou, while Fenghuang Quan and Qinshui Quan run across it. The geography of Ciqikou is considered to have a very perfect Fengshui by locale people.



According to the history records, Ciqikou was first built during the Emperor Zhenzong (998—1004). Then, it became a commercial dock both by land and water dating from Ming Dynasty. Reaching its climax during the end of Qing Dynasty, the town had ever been written in poem as "one thousand people greet each other during day, and ten thousand lamps flicker at night".


Ciqikou is the source of Baci Culture. Lots of big-names during the Anti-Japanese War had once lived here, such as Guo Moruo, Xu Beihong, Feng Zikai, Fu Baoshi, Ba Jin, Bing Xin and etc. Ding Zhaozhong, a well-known Chinese-born American scientist had studied here for many years during his childhood. In addition, the origin of the famous story Red Crag's character Hua Ziliang was escaped through Ciqikou's dock.


As an ancient town, there are obsolutely lots of custom, most of which have lasted till now. The recorded ones includes baibazi, xingbang, family's ancestral temple, Pao Brother, temple fair, dragon dance, dragon boat race, buddies of Sichuan opera, chuntai drama as well as pingshu and teahouse culture.



The Chongqing is always famous for its large variety tastes of local food, while Ciqikou is one of the most well-known places in Chongqing. Jiaoyan Peanut, Mao Xue wang, and Qiang Zhang Pi, all of which are called three treasures of Ciqikou, as well as Douban fish are the most popular ones.