China Shanghai attractions, Chenghuangmiao introduced.

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    Shanghai Chenghuanmiao, or Shanghai Old City God Temple in English, is one of the most popular scenic area as well as shopping center for travelers. Chenghuangmiao, a famous Taosim temple in Shanghai area, is the must-see attraction when traveling in Shanghai. Here, we will write some Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao travel guide for you.

    Shanghai Old Street
     The prosperous Shanghai is decorated with blazing buildings and colorful young ladies. If you want to explore the old Shanghai, go to the old street (also called Chenghuangmiao area) and you will find the 100-year-ago Shanghai here.

   The ancient memorial arch which is engraved "Shanghai Old Street" word in Chinese characters is presented to you. In this street, people will find the traditional Chinese buildings with white walls and black roofs. The people, the hanging red lanterns, the ancient memorial arch, all of these form into a picture that describe the old Shanghai.