China Dali attractions, Cangshan Mountain introduced.

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Cangshan Mountain

Cangshan Mountain also known as Point Cangshan Mountain, named as its green mountain, and the white peak point. It is the main mountain peak of southern Yunling, and it is the national scenic area. in ancient times known as the Bear Cangshan Mountain, Immaculate Cangshan Mountain, Lingjiu mountain, when called zhng yue mountain in Nanzhao.
Cangshan total have 19 summits, the 19 summits are towering stands until the sky, elevation 4,000 meters in general, of which a maximum of Malone peak, elevation 4,122 meters, peak on the plot of snow throughout the year. Shijiufeng from North to South is the order of:-Lane, Canglang, 5, Lily, Baiyun, Hok cloud, Sanyang, Lan Feng, snowman, music, Kwun Yam, and, Longquan, jade, MA Long, St. should be, Fuding, MA ears, the sun set. In order to facilitate the people's memory predecessors, for a Cangshan Shijiufeng poem: "Cloud Water Lane Canglang Zuo'er West, 5 Baiyun Lotus fans, Hok-dancing Sanyang, Lan-feng after Snowman Habitat. Should be optimistic in tone and Zhi, the Malone-with the Longquan, St. Ma should Biding and ears, the sun set on the 19th will never change. " 
Cangshan Shijiufeng, a two-folder River, a total of 18 river, stream east, when disappeared now, Fly points Chui, decorated with marble and Cangshan Bazi, the final injection of Erhai Lake. 18 River from north to south, are as follows: Xia shift million flowers, Yang River Mans Chung, Jinxi, Lingquan, Whitehead, double-yuan, implicit cents Meixi, Zhao Xi, in the river, Lu Yu, the dragon River Qingbi, MO residues, grass yellow, Southern. This 19-18 River posed a Cangshan unique and beautiful landscape. Facilitate people's memory, the same leave Cangshan 18 predecessors River Poetry: "Xia Yang shift million spent and the river, Mang Chung Jinxi Lingquan Qi, Whitehead cents to implicit double-Yuan, plum and peach two in Australia, Lu Yu Longxi Qingbi, MO residual Ming Yang Ting South Habitat.” 
Cangshan Mountain’s scenery is known for the snow, clouds, springs, and stone. The snow in Cangshan still remain after summer, it is the King of the four most Dali’s "Feng hua xue yue”(wind flower snow and moon). On the top of Cangshan Mountain, it covered by snow, so grand and magnificent. Especially in the spring in March, when the sun rises from the east, glistening in the sunlight is so bright. On the night of bright moon with soft wind, the mountains bathed in moonlight, so clean and fresh, remind you think of the mythology of the Crystal World. 
Faced with Aiai Xuefeng, the Bai people entrusted to it many beautiful legends. One story is that a long time ago, a god of plagues invasive Dali Bazi, sowing disease Lane disaster to the people causing endless disaster. At this time, there are brothers and sister both for the people of the folks from the plague, to the Goddess of Mercy will be there to learn magic. After the couple returned home immediately implements magic of the Cangshan on top rushed to the god of plague, the god of plague frozen snow. In order to ask the god of plague never Fusheng, sister in one of the Snowman 19 peaks, the snow has become a god, to live forever aim at intimidating the god of plague. Since then, on the top of Cangshan Mountain were covered by the glistening snow and dazzling.
In midsummer, the snow gradually Cangshan Mountain ablation (Malone peak Snowman peak, the five peaks, and the peak, even in the summer is snow covered). Then, hanging flow down, an entirely different phenomenon. 18 along the mountain torrents and snow-capped mountains into the water together with the convergence of the mountain stream Quan Liu, irrigation of Cangshan Mountain between 10,000 areas Tianchou Erhai Lake.