China Dali attractions, Butterfly Spring introduced.

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Butterfly Spring

The butterfly spring originally called: Bottomless Lake, located in 1 km north of Zhou city of Dali, west side of the Yunnan- Tibet Highway under cloud-up summit of Cangshan Mountain. Enter the park, jogging uphill for about a half kilometer. You will see a shady tree, walk through the ancient stone square, there is a 3-meter high marble monument ahead of you, the monument is vector formed, a positive right has Guo Moruo’s handwritten "butterfly spring "three large letters, engraved with the left Yong Guo Moruo butterfly spring poetry handwriting; on the back of monument, carved marble Xu Xiake's travel section diary.
Here have the “Butterfly” scenes by the side of the spring. in the northwest corner of the pool have a Acacia old trees, branches and leaves are whirling, shade of the tree covering a big area, this is “butterfly tree”, , whenever the late spring and early summer, old trees blossom, shaped like colorful butterfly. And the dissemination of a butterfly-induced flavor, when Butterfly Cluster danced in the wind, only a "hook even enough to be" hanging from the branches to surface, a string of hundreds of butterfly, as one of the colorful ribbon. These butterflies, people do not panic and stoning to leave and form amazing spectacle and the most spectacular in Lunar New Year in mid-April.
Now, the butterfly spring Park and the Butterfly House have been built, eight-angle pavilion, six-angle pavilion, Sea Watching pavilion and crescent pond. Besides the Wing Butterfly monument, also cultivated a large number of flowers and trees. The butterfly spring is one of the most famous interests of Dali; it is really worth to visit.