China Yangshuo attractions, Big Banyan introduced.

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Big Banyan

The Big Banya Tree, stands on the south bank of the Jinbao River, 7.5 kilometers away from Yangshuo. This amazing tree is 17 meters tall, 7 meters wide, and approximately 1500 years old.
Banyan trees grow in a unique way – long branches hang down towards the ground, and once they reach the soil they dig in to become new roots. In this way the tree slowly expands to an enormous width, as Da Rang Shu did.

The famous Moon hill flanks the Big Banyan, and tourists often visit both sites in one day. A small village untouched by modernity stands on the slopes of Moon Hill. There's also a large water wheel on the Jinbao River near the tree, and a temple across from the entrance to the tree.
There are plenty of photo-ops to be had. The Big Banyan is on the bank of a river and there are numerous small lakes nearby and all of these waters are filled with lotuses. Plenty of monkeys live nearby. Some of the locals keep them as pets, and they will let you take pictures with the monkeys for 5 RMB. Some of these monkeys are even dressed up as a character from legend, Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King from the Chinese classic, "Journey to the West".
The Big Banyan Tree was made famous as a romantic spot by the movie "The Third Sister of Lui", in which the main character made a confession of love under it's spreading leaves.