China Guilin attractions, Baimian Yao Village introduced.

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Baimian Yao Village

It’s situated in the east of Longsheng County, 96km from Guilin City. With the total area of roughly 35,000 square meters, the Baimiao Yao Village is one of the earliest ethnic minority scenic spots in Guilin. Surrounded by verdant forests, the village is populated the Red Yao people. The history of this village can date back to the Song Dynasty and the local customs and cultures are well preserved. Once coming here, you must feel that you’ve entered the ancient Yao Village 1,000 years ago.

Maples are growing prosperously around the village. A tablet inscribed the village rules is located in front of the village gate and a pillar as the totem of Red Yao people is right outside of the gate. Besides, a huge rock with the shape of the dragon’s tongue lies below the village.

Once taking a tour here, you will have the chance to join in the traditional sports activities such as play tug of war with elephants and prop the bamboo bars. You can also enjoy the graceful dances by Red Yao girls with long hair. In addition, it will be regret if you do not have a taste of the yummy oil tea-the local specialty.