China Shangri-la attractions, Baimang Snow Mountain introduced.

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Baimang Snow Mountain

It is located in southeastern Deqen County, is in the eastern part of the northern section of the Yunling Mountains. Most of the peaks are 5,000 meters high, with the highest one-Mount Zhalaqueni-standing at 5,640 meters above sea level. The Yunnan-Tibet Highway passes through the mountain.

The Baimang Snow Mountain Natural Reserve consists of a group of mountains at an altitude of about 5000 metres. The vertical climatic difference is great here. It is the largest natural reserve in Yunnan Province with a perfectly preserved frigid-zone of primeval forests. This area is also the main habitat of Yunnan golden monkeys, a rare animal under strict national protection.

Baimang Snow Mountain is the largest and highest national-level nature reserve. There are well preserved frigid-zone primeval forests of alpine coniferous trees. Most forests are untouched. This area is also the main habitat of Yunnan golden monkeys, a rare animal under national top-class protection.

Baimang Snow Mountain is a good alternative for frustrated climbers. This is a national natural reserve with fantastic views. Located in the mid-section of the Hengdgun Mountain range in Diqing County, all of the peaks here are above 4,000 meters, with the highest topping 5,430 meters. The nature reserve consists of vast virgin forests, animals, plants and geographical wonders. As a result of this, Shangri-La has become something of a Mecca for botanists and zoologists. The area also exerts a strong magnetic force on ordinary travellers, who swarm here in late summer and autumn to appreciate the natural beauty of the region. The attraction is not accessible between December and April when the roads are closed due to heavy snow.