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China Tour Questions and Answers

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China Map 2014-08-04 10:01:12

About:China Map how long does it take from beijing to gaungzhou by train or bus?

Reply: 2014-08-04
8 to 10 hours by high speed train, 21 to 22 hours by T trains. I am afraid there is no long distance bus between Beijing and Guangzhou.

China Map 2014-08-04 10:00:01

About:China Map what provence are these places? Suzhou, Mt Emei, Guilin, Fuli, Yangshuo?

Reply: 2014-08-04
Suzhou is in Jiangsu Province. Mt. Emei is in Sichuan Province, Guilin and Yangshuo are in Guangxi Province.

Hong Kong Visa 2014-08-04 09:58:08

About:Hong Kong Visa Tourist visa from india to hongkong Dear sir, i am vinoth from india, i need to go honkong to meet my friend. I have a little confusion bcoz my friend told me when iam going for the first time to abroad, in immigration if i answer any of their questions wrongly, they will not permit the trip and send me back to india. is it true? could you please explain me the procedures in detail. Thanks and Best regards / vinoth.

Reply: 2014-08-04
HI, how long will you plan to stay in HK? If you stay there for less then 14 days, you can only use your passport to visit that city. If you need to apply tourist type in advance, it is not necessary to answer some questions from the immigration department of HK. You just need to prepare your related documents such as round trip tickets, hotel booking, your bank statements etc, you can apply through China embassy in India or delivering your documents to HK Immigration Department directly.

Chinese Visa Application in China 2014-08-04 09:57:09

About:Chinese Visa Application in China L visa extension in Beijing? Am a rwandan citizen but studyin in India ,i want to visit beijing (for the 2nd time),but 1 month L type isnt enough will i be able to extend ?

Reply: 2014-08-04
Yes, you can try to extend Beijing and the extension days are no more than 30 days.

Entry, Validity, Duration of Stay of Chinese Visa 2014-08-04 09:55:24

About:Entry, Validity, Duration of Stay of Chinese Visa Visa is expiring I have a multiple entry type approved for 30 day stay each time for a year, but my trip in China is scheduled for 45 days. Is it true that with a US passport I can fly to Hong Kong even for a few hours and fly back to the mainland and that will reset my 30 day stay?

Reply: 2014-08-04
It is allowed and many people do like that. You can fly to HK for several hours and then back to mainland for the second duration of stay.

Chinese Visa Application in China 2014-08-04 09:53:59

About:Chinese Visa Application in China Changing visa type Hello! I am on a M type and I am looking to convert it to an X1 one. I have the JW202 form from my Chinese Uni, but I read that new regulations prohibit changing it in China. Is there any way to get it done in Beijing though? Where should I go if not?

Reply: 2014-08-04
Anca, I think you should visit Beijing Entry and Exit Management Bureau to confirm this. If they say No, then you have no choice but go back to your country and apply for the X1 type.

Entry, Validity, Duration of Stay of Chinese Visa 2014-08-04 09:50:49

About:Entry, Validity, Duration of Stay of Chinese Visa I am entering china via a cruise ship via two ports, is this multi entries ?

Reply: 2014-08-04
It is a double entry, so you can apply for a double entry one.

Visa on Arrival 2014-08-04 09:48:57

American with Girlfriend traveling to Hainan Hi! Im an american with 1 year multiple visa. We are planning to get VOA in Hainan with my girlfriend. By the way, she has no visa yet. Is it possible? Thanks.

Reply: 2014-08-04
Your girl friend is also American? If so, she can get a VOA when reaching Hainan. Or she can just apply a tourist one in advance in the US.

Chinese Zodiac - Snake 2014-08-04 09:47:19

About:Chinese Zodiac - Snake I was born Aug 01, 1989 - female. Is there luck on Love department in stoure for me..And how about my career?

Reply: 2014-08-04
Single snakes are lucky in their love matters. However, they should be very careful with their dating candidates. Some of them have their agendas rather than starting a relationship. Your career luck is good. With the help of your lukcy star, you will make great progress in your job if you can work harder.

Chinese Zodiac - Rooster 2014-08-04 09:46:04

About:Chinese Zodiac - Rooster Hi I am horse a d he is sheep are we compatable? I have been married for 14 yea and is horse and he is sheep are we compatable?

Reply: 2014-08-04
Yes, sheep and horse are a superb match. You two are definitely compatible.

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