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China Tour Questions and Answers

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Chinese Food 2014-08-23 09:22:49

About:Chinese Food In my project on China Im talking about Chinese food and I need information on it.pls. help me.

Reply: 2014-08-23
ok it is great. The sushi is very famousand is usually made or prepared by fish. and there are many other dishes here. i think you should take a visit to china and also take a taste. gosh i think im making you mouth water. sorry for the inconvenience...

Hong Kong Weather 2014-08-23 09:20:12

About:Hong Kong Weather Hong Kong Visit (18-22 Oct 2014) Im planning to visit HK from 18th October to 22 October 2014. What is the weather during that period?

Reply: 2014-08-23
According to the past weather records, it would be sunny during that period. The average temp would be around 25℃. You are suggested to prepare one or two pieces of summer clothes, long-sleeved shirt and light jacket.

Hong Kong Weather 2014-08-23 09:19:01

About:Hong Kong Weather Hi, planning to visit HK between 26-30 Sept 2014 with a 2 yr old toddler. How would the weather be like? Planning to go Disneyland and Ocean Park, will this period be suitable to go outdoor with a toddler? What clothings would you advise to bring?

Reply: 2014-08-23
It will be warm with the average temp of around 26℃. Based on the past weather records, there may be shower or moderate rain during that time. You can prepare one or two summer clothes, long-sleed short and pants as well as simple rainy gear. If it rains, it would be not convenient to have fun with a toddler in Ocean Park. Disneyland Resort can be fine even with rainy fays. Anyway, I suggest you pay attention to the latest weather forecast in case.

Seats on High-Speed Trains 2014-08-21 14:40:09

About:Seats on High-Speed Trains Can I reserve seats together for business class tickets from Beijing to Shanghai? And can I bring two suitcases per person on the train?

Reply: 2014-08-21
yes, of course you can. tickets are put on sale 20 days in advance. you can take two suitcases onboard.

Policy for Foreigners with Immediate Family Living in China 2014-08-18 09:14:04

About:Policy for Foreigners with Immediate Family Living in China Residence Permit Limitations Dear Sir/Madam, I am working for an MNC in Bangalore since Feb’2014. Prior to this, I was working for in Shanghai, China in the same MNC for over 3 years. Now I am planning to travel to Shanghai (for 4 days) using my residence permit which is still valid until Nov’14 (my work permit is already cancelled), so I was wondering if I can still enter China with my valid residence permit or I should I apply for a new Visa..?

Reply: 2014-08-18
If you resident permit is not cancelled by your company, you can use yours to enter. I heard that the company can cancel the resident permit online. You can consult your company first. Personally speaking, if possible, you are suggested to apply a new Tourist single entry one to for your traveling.

China Map 2014-08-16 10:56:22

About:China Map Fly from Singapore to China. Which is the nearest place I could see snow. Which is the nearest place I could fly to see snow. I do not wish to fly far. Thank you

Reply: 2014-08-16
Snow can only be seen in the north part of China, so you may need to fly to Beijing. In recent years, in some places in southern part, you can also see the snow, but it is hard to say where to go. Generally speaking, Beijing is the best place.

Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu) 2014-08-16 10:54:48

About:Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu) Hi I wanted to know what it would take to have your own Karate or Martial Arts place in Beijing or some where in China? Please do reply I have always wanted to move to China and become a Karate/Martial Arts Master and have my own Dojo!

Reply: 2014-08-16
I think Shaolin Temple is a good place.

China Weather 2014-08-16 10:39:28

About:China Weather how cold could it be in June in Guangzhou?

Reply: 2014-08-16
It is not cold at all. The temperature in early June in Guangzhou is about 24-33 degrees. You can just wear summer clothes when you go there.

China Train 2014-08-16 10:38:04

About:China Train Can you walk from hard sleeper car to hard sleeper car? My g/f, brother, and I are all in different hard sleeper cars. Are we able to meet up and hang out in one of our cars? or better yet trade with people to stay next to each other?

Reply: 2014-08-16
yes, you can walk from one hard sleeper car to another. you can also try to see if someone is willing to trade with you.

China Eastern Airlines 2014-08-16 10:12:48

About:China Eastern Airlines I want to fly China Eastern from Chongqing China to Atlanta GA with my service animal I have a service animal and I want to fly China Eastern from Chongqing China to Atlanta GA with my service animal (a dog). What is China Easterns process for flying with a service animal? Thank you for your time.

Reply: 2014-08-16
It seems that there is no direct flight from Chongqing to Atlanta GA, and you need to have a connection in other cities in China. For more details about the animal check-in, you can contact the specific airline company.

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