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China Flight 2014-08-01 11:10:13

About:China Flight flights between Chiang mai and Jinghong I allready bought a ticket for a flight from Chiang mai to Xishuangbanna Now I cannot find a direct flight! It is not alloud for me to stay in Kunming for 2 hours I cannot higher than 1500 m because of the high attutude

Reply: 2014-08-01
all the flights from Chiang Mai to Xishuangbanna stops in Kunming. But in november 2012 Ihad a direcht flight from Xishuangbanna to Chiang mai It is also o.k to fligh from Bangkok

China Flight 2014-08-01 11:08:45

About:China Flight Hi , what is the max wgt for jakarta-hangzhou ? and how much for addiotal wgt / kg in RP ?

Reply: 2014-08-01
different airlines companies have different regulation on weight limit. the cheapest tickets are provided by Air Aisa, which only allows a carry-on luggage of no more than 15 pounds (7 kg) and the suitcase can be put into the luggage rack above seats. Each passenger can also take a handbag. As for checked baggage, it is Rp 630,000 if check the baggage at the airport counter, but it will be much cheaper if you book online with the official site of Air Asia.

China Flight 2014-08-01 11:06:35

About:China Flight How much will the air ticket cost me from Uganda to China?

Reply: 2014-08-01
What is your departure city and arrival city? And your travel date? Without the above info, the flight details could not be searched out. Besides, as the international ticket price would be more preferential at the departure city, it is better for you to consult some booking agencies in Uganda after you have the specific travel date, departure and arrival city in mind.

Transfer Service 2014-08-01 11:03:13

About:Transfer Service How can I get from Guangzhou Intl Airport to the long distance bus station?

Reply: 2014-08-01
There are several long-distance bus stations in Guangzhou, so which one do you refer to? Generally speaking, you can take the airport shuttle bus line 1 to reach its terminal at CAAC Civil Aviation Ticket Office and then walk to the Guangdong Provincial Long-distance Bus Station.

China Flight 2014-08-01 11:00:50

About:China Flight What Chinese cities contain the most outbounders to South Korea?

Reply: 2014-08-01
I should be Qingdao, which has the cheapest flight to Seoul.

China Flight 2014-08-01 10:57:49

About:China Flight we want travel beijing to shanghai,and first buy thing in beijing,and carry them to shanghai, what is your offer for our luggage?what can we do?beacuse your transfer low limitted us.we want buy thinges in beijing and after that going to shanghai,thanks.

Reply: 2014-08-01
As far as in konw, for domestic flights in China, free checked luggage for economy class should not exceed 20 kilograms (44 pounds), and 40 kilograms (88 pounds) for first class.

China Flight 2014-08-01 10:50:04

About:China Flight duty free wine/Pudong airport If I buy wine at a duty free airport in the USA, do I have to carry it on board as a separate piece of luggage or will it be sent onto the plane by the store so that I do not have to carry anything but instead, pick it up upon leaving the plane on arrival to Pudong International in Shanghai.

Reply: 2014-08-01
yes, you have to carry it on board. unless you use the delivery service of the duty free shop.

China Flight 2014-08-01 10:46:33

About:China Flight wud like to travel from guangzhou to yiwu kindly suggest cheapest flights or may be near by airport

Reply: 2014-08-01
there is direct flight from Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou to Yiwu Airport. the air fare is about CNY 700. You are advised to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

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